Nother Scrubber chiropody sponge

Nother Scrubber

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Nother Scrubber is whole NOTHER LEVEL of hard skin removal!

Its unique composition contains sulphur which naturally combats bacteria and treats rough skin and callouses quickly & hygienically leaving skin soft and smooth.

This mighty little scrubber is an affordable and highly effective solution for hard skin on feet and calluses on hands. 

Whether you want to pretty up your feet for Summer, manage your Crossfit calluses, or get your 'sole' ready for the yoga mat, Nother Scrubber will be your hard skin saviour.


1.  Soak feet (or hands) in warm water for at least five minutes
2.  Wet your Nother Scrubber, smear lots of soap onto it then gently rub over the hard skin
3.  Rinse your Nother Scrubber well and leave to dry naturally (the surface layer and hard skin will wash away removing bacteria)

    If you have diabetes or poor circulation please seek medical advice before using.

    Further information:

    Nother Scrubber's porous material is actually a pure raw glass product to which Hydrogen Sulfide is added during the manufacturing process! It will slowly disintegrate when used, but will last for MONTHS even with daily use.  

    With gentle scrubbing, Nother Scrubber can also remove stains from hands (tobacco, ink, paint, fake tan, etc) and may be used to remove rough skin from elbows or knees. Please scrub with caution on soft skin.